How can you grab and keep the attention of an audience ?

Improvisers use a lot of these techniques to tell stories and keep the audience members interested. In just a couple of hours, you can already be more familiar with these tools and learn what you need to practice on day-to-day basis to make it perfect.

The workshop focuses on the basic concepts of storytelling :

– How do you engage with your audience ? How do you address someone ?

– What is a message ? How do you make strong propositions ?

– How do you grasp the attention of someone ?

– How do you retain the attention of an audience ? How can you make a story interesting ?

Soon, you will discover that anything can be interesting if it is told the right way !

3-hours workshop


Improv games are a lot of fun and also one of the best way to get people to know each other, build trust and create affinities.

This workshop is definitely one of the best experience for any team building seminar and a great way to create happy memories of a time shared together.

It also transforms people for a couple of hours. Usually shy people start to speak up and show they can be, too, great team players.

They have enjoyed our workshop :

3-hours workshop